[Program Preview] “The Food That Built Asia” #7 Sushi edition

FEB 29, 2024

We have cooperated on the gourmet documentary “The Food That Built Asia” #7 Sushi edition” which unravels culture and history through cuisine. Our long-selling products such as Sushi Robot and its history will be introduced as a product that has helped spreading sushi culture around the world. Please take a look.

Program name: ” The Food That Built Asia” #7 Sushi edition (30-minute)

Broadcast date: 2024/3/2 (Sat) 8 pm *First broadcast

Broadcasting station: History Channel Japan & History Channel Asia (Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, etc.)

HP:   https://jp.history.com/rec/the_gourmet_journey/

How to watch: https://jp.history.com/howto/

Preview: https://youtu.be/cNByaKfEnNg


※Please note it’s not planned to broadcast on YouTube, etc.
※Content of the program and broadcast timing are subject to change. For the details, please see the program website from above link.