Do you manufacture all of your equipment in Japan?

We manufacture our equipment at our Saitama Prefecture factory in Japan and export them overseas.

How can I get price information for your products?

We will introduce you to the sales & support agency closest to your location and they will provide you with the information you desire. Please click on the “Contact” link at this website, select your region, and send us a message telling us which country and city you live in along with the model in which you are interested.

Can we purchase equipment directly from you?

Most models are manufactured in a planned manner to ensure the shortest delivery times possible. Please provide information about the model name in which you are interested and the location in which it will be used to your nearest sales agent or to us directly, and we will check and get back to you about how soon it will be delivered.

How long will it take to get our order?

We make it a point to manufacture our equipment with the shortest lead times ahead of delivery. If you wish to know an exact delivery date, please contact your local sales agent or us directly and provide the name of the model you are ordering as well as the location (address) where it will be used to obtain the earliest expected delivery.

What sort of warranty do you offer for your equipment?

Our sales agents set the specific period and scope on the warranties for all of our products. However, we also have a standard warranty that covers the first 12 months after the equipment has been shipped. It provides for free replacement parts in the event of a malfunction caused by machine design, a fault that occurred during assembly, or a parts-related issue that reveals itself under normal operating conditions.

What kind of maintenance do I need to perform on your equipment?

All the parts that require cleaning can be removed without using tools. They need to be washed in water after each time that the equipment has completed its operation.

Do you provide an operator’s manual with your equipment?

The equipment comes with an operator’s manual written in English. The manual describes how to operate and adjust the equipment, and includes the procedures for assembling and disassembling parts.

What are your terms of payment?

Please check directly with your local sales agent. If you are doing business with Japan directly, we accept advance payment in full by telegraphic transfer or by issuing a Letter of Credit at sight.

What sort of after-sales support do you offer?

Please contact the sales agent from whom you bought the equipment if you require support for equipment problems, questions about operation, information about maintenance parts, and the like. The agent will deal with your issue as appropriate.

Why does Suzumo have the top market share in the world for its sushi-making equipment?

The chief reason is that the quality, technology, and reliability of our equipment exceeds that of competing brands, as does the after support we provide our customers.

Does your equipment come with any written proof that it complies with the safety standards for use in the U.S. and Canada?

Yes, we provide documentation issued by Intertek that the machine has been tested and meets the applicable published standards. Models sold in the U.S. and Canada also come with the ETL label.

Can you provide certification with any purchase that your equipment satisfies the requirements of the applicable European Community directives?

Yes, as the manufacturer we can provide an EC/EU Declaration of Conformity if necessary for submission for equipment to clear Customs or similar purposes in your country. All equipment sold in the European Community comes with the appropriate CE label affixed.