Sushi Restaurant, Christchurch, New ZealandMixing Passion with Innovation Helped New Zealand Sushi Restaurant Flourish

My business partner and I have always loved Japanese food, especially sushi. And we wanted to turn this passion into a successful business. Initially, we ran a food takeaway service before opening Hachi Hachi, our sushi restaurant in the bustling, cosmopolitan town of Christchurch, New Zealand.

We first started using Suzumo when our food supplier recommended the Automatic Sushi Roll Cutter (SVC-ATC) as a way of making quality sushi quickly. Our executive chef also told us that it was an excellent product. This convinced us to order the machine and try it. And it immediately made an impression on us. We were really impressed with its functions, which would go on to help streamline our preparation process. The fact that it cut – in a matter of seconds –  three of the thinnest type of sushi rolls at the same time, but do so in a way that was professional and neat, made a world of difference to us. We could also easily change the cutting unit to produce sushi rolls of differing thickness, which we really appreciated because people love various sushi sizes. Whether it’s ordering our popular dishes like Teriyaki Chicken Sushi or Karaage Chicken Sushi, our customers clearly love what we do because they keep coming back for more!


Running the restaurant wasn’t always this smooth, however. In the early days, we experienced difficulties which we had to overcome. But thanks to Suzumo, we’ve seen our restaurant go from strength to strength.

We are excited about the future of our business and plan to start franchising nationwide next year with the aim of opening 100 shops by 2025. To do so, we would like to use more Suzumo products such as the Sushi Roll Machine (SVR-NXA) because we know it will make our business run even more smoothly.


Our ambitions know no bounds, and Suzumo will be part of our exciting journey. We recommend making Suzumo part of your journey too.


Hachi Hachi